Client: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., 2018

Our social campaign not only merged Ready Player One’s key themes of adventure and friendship but also brought back the giddy nostalgia feels by highlighting timeless pop-culture references. Through our campaign, we gave users an “extra life”, a chance to play again and again – to travel back in time (in a DeLorean of course), and stroll through their favorite film moments – pause, re-play and repost. 

On the surface, the campaign content is fun, action-filled, engaging and relatable to a broad, general audience – tackling marketing objectives and staying true to the film’s story. But for those dedicated to play on a higher level, there are layers of pop-culture easter eggs with rewards of discovery and benefits of a shared user experience. We reinforced this film as a must-own and extended the stay in the Oasis just a bit longer!


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Easter Egg Hunt

Taking a cue from the film’s game within a game – we created an Easter Egg Hunt across 9 Facebook pages

On Ready Player One’s Facebook page, fans solved riddles that led them to the Facebook pages of 8 other Warner Bros.’ favorites. Once viewers found and watched the corresponding video, they were rewarded with an entry code that could get their name on the Leaderboard to compete for awesome prizes. What better way to reinforce the film’s must-own status and repeatability than to encourage viewers to dig deep for clues and cues? And of course, every player could enjoy the most important reward...BRAGGING RIGHTS — “See? I told you that was the box from Gremlins!”

The hunt expanded the campaign’s reach beyond the target demographic by leveraging audiences of 8 additional classic films, creating custom RPO-themed copy clues, graphics and editorial for: Gremlins, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Shining, Excalibur, The Iron Giant, Superman, Beetlejuice and Batman