Out Of Home • AV

Client: Walt Disney Studios, 2019

We ain’t never had a friend like Aladdin! Take a magic carpet ride through the Cave of Wonders and above Agrabah to see glistening graphics
and custom environments across Out of Home boards and Broadcast/Mobile AV.

LA Live Plaza - Los Angeles



Dolby AV Pathway

With a little Genie magic, we recreated the Cave of Wonders for an immersive, selfie-worthy, in-theater display featured on custom Dolby Atmos equipped theaters across the country.

Our Cave of Wonders was built and composited together using elements pulled from film stills and custom 3D modeled cave elements such as gold mounds, stalagmites and stalactites then meticulously color graded, lit and animated piece by piece for a stunning rendition of the mysterious, cavernous home of the elusive lamp.


Marriott and Disney Roadblock,
Times Square NYC

JFK American Airlines Tunnel
40 Screens + Audio



Influencer Screenings 16x9

ESPN App Slates